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          I believe in following your dreams and living life to the fullest. Living creatively is what I do and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my visions with you. I am often thought to be “a little different” but that is what makes me who I am. I would like to encourage you to live out your passion. Live out your dreams and your visions. Live it like its Golden!

          I share with you the various enterprises that I enjoy being involved in. Each entity expresses a specific passion that I have. As you explore the site, you get to know who I am. You will find that Ministry is my mission and helping people is my passion. Vida Mazyck Enterprises displays the very best that I have to offer. Check back often for updated information. Keep in mind that this site is not complete.  Just like me, it is always a work in progress. I welcome your comments and suggestions about this site, in order to improve quality and service.

          Thanks for visiting Vida Mazyck Enterprises. I look forward to a long-lasting,  wonderful relationship!  

“Vida Joy”


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